Prior to forming OMVA, Michael was Worldwide Vice-President Human Resources for a division of the Rio Tinto group, with headquarters in France. Before taking up this role, he was Vice-President Human Resources Europe.  Initially Michael joined the Italian information systems company Olivetti in South Africa as subsidiary Personnel Manager. Thereafter he transferred to Italy to assist in building the international human resources department for the Olivetti group. Responsible for group International Recruitment, Michael was thereafter appointed International Human Resources Director for English speaking countries worldwide.

Michael’s focus is on recruiting and developing people and organizations in multicultural environments, having worked with companies in 18 countries and having a deep interest in intercultural and remote management. Michael holds a BA in Psychology, Higher Diploma Personnel Management (RSA).

2011-now Co-founder of ELIT Search  (Paris)
2007-now Associate Director at RLL Partners (Paris)
2007-now Principal, OMVA – Executive search and Organizational Development (Paris)
1993-2006 World-Wide VP HR, Luzenac Group/Rio Tinto (Paris), VP HR Europe (Toulouse, France)
1990-1993 Principal, MCA – Human Resources Consulting
1984-1990 Area Personnel Director – International Recruitment Manager, Olivetti Group (Italy)
1981-1983 Personnel Manager, Olivetti (South Africa)


International Background:
• Dual South African (born and raised) and French nationalities.
• Worked with companies in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, South Africa, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia.
• Languages: English, French, Italian, Afrikaans/Dutch