Former partner at HAY Management Consultants in Paris, Robert managed the “Strategy and Organization” division which dealt with both French and international clients. Prior to that, he was appointed to the executive committee of a computer services group, being responsible for both Group development as well as the general management of the parent company. Over the past 10 years, Robert has specialized in strategic management, incorporating Strategial ® and project management approaches.

Robert is known for providing his clients with effective and sustainable solutions, directly addressing the challenges faced by their business leaders and teams. In addition to his long-standing consulting practice, Robert dedicates considerable effort to “Strategic Intelligence” activities as well as developing and contributing to business and professional networks. Robert holds a master in engineering (INPG) from the Grenoble Polytechnic Institute and a master in Economics from the Grenoble University.

2012-now Co-founder of ELIT BUSINESS Review
2011-now Co-founder of ELIT Search  (Paris)
1992-now Principal, RLL Partners – Strategic Management, Change Management & Organization (Paris)
1984-1992 Partner & Vice-President , HAY Management Consultants – Strategy & Organization, (Paris)
1978-1984 Group Development Vice-President & General Management of French Subsidiary, CCMC Group
1972-1977 Vice-President Management Consulting, HELIOS Group- Marketing & Finance


International Background:
• Numerous missions in Francophone Africa
• Know-how transfer in IT management and the IT industry (USA, Japan)
• Consulting for companies in western Europe